Verno Dress Shirts

Verno Dress Shirts

There are two sides of me in my everyday life. By day, I am a shirt and tie, slacks, and nice shoes wearing salesman. By night, I am a tee shirt jeans and sneakers everyday guy. Today we will be speaking to the first of the group. I go through a lot of clothes, I’m not exactly the most gentle person. I rip pants, stain ties, and wear through shirts. It’s a fact, I’ve come to know.

I decided to go early Christmas shopping and get myself some shirts. I ordered a total of five shirts from Verno. Here are my initial impressions of them. I ordered 4 colors/patterns over the 5 shirts. I do know my size, so I didnt have to worry about that. One thing worried me, most of the shirts are labeled ‘slim fit’. I’m not a small guy by any means, so most slim fits don’t quite sit right. On the other hand, in my experience, most don’t come in my size either, so I decided to try them.

Three shirts ended up being slim, while two were classic sizes. My worst fear came true. Even though they were the correct size and length, the slim fits just didn’t fit. This is absolutely no fault of the company as it was clearly marked and I lost the gamble. I did open the shirts, and will store them in my closet, and they will either be donated, or will be used against me to continue to lose weight.

They all have a nice feel, weight and quality to them. The ones I wore fit in with my collection, looked and felt good and held up well to my every day activities. I will continue to wear them as part of my every day rotation.

I will recommend these, but pay attention to size and fit.

4/5 Stars.

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