VenusCare Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask

VenusCare Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask

Anybody that knows me knows I barely ever sleep. If I sleep I don’t truly sleep but go through the motions. Call it an overactive brain, call it sleep apnea, insomnia, call it whatever, it is what it is.

In this review, we will be looking at a sleep mask. I don’t usually use these but I have seen many through the years.

I must say this one is well built. It has a thickness to it, with a nice blue silk on one side with black silk on the opposite. It’s also well padded making it extremely soft and gentle. One thing I like about it, that I don’t remember seeing on others was the adjustable strap to fit different heads, it truly makes it a one size fits all. Most importantly it blacks everything out, no light seeping through, truly impressive.

My experience with it has been pleasant, to say the least. I won’t say it helped me sleep better, but I can say It helped me go into standby mode faster. For me an average time from resting to being able to doze off is 15 minutes at maximum, usually closer to 30, this has made it the lower of the times possibly even lower, just about every time.

I would recommend this to just about anybody that likes the sark, has trouble closing their eyes or anybody that wants to use it. The mask has made me a believer, and will most likely be a staple to NY nightly routine for the foreseeable future.

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