Survival Hax Tactical Flashlight

Survival Hax Tactical Flashlight

Another product from Survival Hax, another review!

So if you read my previous review of the Camping Self Inflating Pad you know that I talked highly of the company and the products they make (There’s also a discount code for that product!) So when I received another product to test, I was worried that they would change my mind. I’m so glad they didn’t.

This is actually my second tactical flashlight, the other doesn’t have a review but the product isn’t new to me. 

What I like about this product, its heavy duty, solid aluminum alloy. It can take a drop and still keep on working (I’ve done this, unfortunately, not good enough to catch mistakes on camera). Survival Hax impressed me with their quality and this is no different.

It claims to be waterproof, I have not tested it, but looking at all the seals, I can see it being (be wary dropping this in a tub for hours will kill anything)

One of the coolest features this flashlight has is that it ships with a rechargeable battery. It takes 3 AAA batteries if you prefer but with a battery that lasts over 200 minutes on a full charge and can be recharged 2000 times, why would you want to. The downside to this is the charger they provide for it. It works well, it’s just finicky, the piece slides and tends to kick the battery out.

it’s bright, extremely bright, I flashed it outside down my road and I swear it almost reached my corner, thoroughly impressed. This was when I had it zoomed. Outside the zoom mode, it’s still bright with a much larger circle, wider than most flashlights I’ve come across.

it has 5 different modes: High, Medium, Low, Strobe, and SOS. The strobe setting will cause you to want to throw a Rave or Disco (whatever you are into)

I’m extremely thrilled with this product and hope I get to test more.

Highly recommended for anybody looking for a flashlight (regular or emergency) and as something to throw in your care ‘just in case’.

9/10 Stars

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