Sleeve Stars Elbow and Knee Compression Sleeves

Sleeve Stars Elbow and Knee Compression Sleeves

So here is a bit of a different review for me. This one is a bit more personal, as it helps with an ongoing problem I have.

An old injury to my knee causes it to have a pain occasionally. It’s not constant but when it happens, it’s hard to walk. In the past, I’ve found compression works the best as it helps realign from the injury. I recently hurt my elbow carrying something, so I’ve been nursing it.

I have had a lot of sleeves in the past, but the ones made by Sleeve Stars are actually a breath of fresh air. One of my biggest grips with any compression is breathability. My joints tend to sweat and it leaves my body overheated. This isn’t the case with these, I wore the knee for 10 hours a day for almost a week. There wasn’t a single time of the day where I felt like I had to remove it. It stayed compressed and comfortable without sliding off. The elbow was a bit small (I measured per the instructions but I think my arm is just a bit bigger than planned), The company promises to send you the right size if it doesn’t fit, so it’s a nice guarantee. 

The sleeves have become an official mainstay in my cabinet for when the pain reappears.

Sleeve Stars has impressed me with their customer service, fit and overall product quality and it is highly recommended for anybody needing a compression sleeve.




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