Sanfeel Nintendo Switch Glass Screen Protector

Sanfeel Nintendo Switch Glass Screen Protector

On this Sunday, I am reviewing a screen protector for my Nintendo Switch.

I never thought I needed a screen protector for my system, as I’m always careful, BUT unfortunately, I had slowly become of the dock scratching the screen so I put a screen protector on to prevent any further damage.

I have installed a lot of glass screen protectors because I tend to upgrade my phone yearly, so I have experience with them.

I opted to read directions, err, look at the pictures. I’ve never actually had written directions with these. So upon the first inspection, the directions claim two pull tabs, front, and back. Mine only had one, which is fine to me, but others could possibly pose an issue. It just meant I had to be more careful in my placement.

The screen protector went on well and left absolutely no bubbles. Surprisingly, it didn’t need much setting time for the few minor bubbles created with any protector.

It’s pretty thick with a nice coating on it. I’ve been able to play with it for a few weeks and it doesn’t affect the touchscreen at all which is great.

Overall I’m happy, I’m protected and I’m safe. At the time of writing the screen protector was $6.66 (USD) which is quite a steal as browsing can lead similar protectors on the upwards of $30.

Have a switch? Want to keep it safe? Buy this.

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