Royal Kitchen Chef Knife

Royal Kitchen Chef Knife

More knives? Yes. Of course!

I guess you can call this two in one, as the company decided to share two knives with me. They must have felt to get the true benefit, I needed two.

These knives are very similar to the previous ones. A few minor differences, the logo of course, and the wood on the handle feels more realistic.

They both have a sharp blade, and an 8″ stainless steel blade. It has a wooden grip over a solid steel core handle. I’ve gotten criticism over statements about me sharpening the knives. Let me state that they are sharp out of the box and can be used perfectly fine, I just personally prefer to sharpen a bit first.

I sliced some tomatoes with it tonight and it works extremely well. It slides easily with almost no pressure, exactly what I look for in a knife. It felt nice in the hand and had a good weight to it to allow for the easy glide. I can’t wait until I get some good Julianne cutting going to really test the usage.

I give the knife a great rating, and definitely worth a buy. Whether your a new chef, or experienced one and need a good quality knife, the process and quality of this one is hard to beat.


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