Profivex Probiotic Powder

Profivex Probiotic Powder

So I’m not one to give my dog a powder. He usually sees right through it and refuses to eat it or anything it is mixed with.

After realizing Rex might have so issues with his digestion, I was willing to give it a try. Heck, I already liked the bushes from the company.

Rex ate it, I wouldn’t say he jumped at it, but he didn’t turn it away when I put it in his food (I’m not sure if this is correct as the directions say just 2 scoops, but I did it anyway.) interesting enough it says to refrigerate after opening. I think this has to do with the probiotics in it.

I have noticed he routine bathroom trips have become well, more routine. To me this is a success, I might try to find a treat instead of a powder but I can’t argue that it works. I would definitely recommend it if you can do powder.

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