Onyle Laser Cat Toy

Onyle Laser Cat Toy

Prefix: I do not have a cat but I have a dog, this counts right?

There are a few things I love about this thing. First, the LED light is bright and it definitely gets the job done. Second, it’s rechargeable. In Themis day and age, fewer things use batteries and I don’t keep them around my household like I used to, being able to charge the light without needing batteries is glorious. Anybody need some flashlights?

Next the laser pointer. While my dog hated it and didn’t move or flinch (he’s such a lazy bum), my 5-year-old nephew chased it, this made me kill about 5 minutes. I always see the shapes as gimmicky and don’t see how they help with training a cat like it’s supposed to be used for but it’s a nice feature I suppose.

In the end, I’ll use this more as a flashlight than anything else and the price isn’t bad for the purpose. A rechargeable flashlight under $10, sign me up.

Buy it: https://www.amazon.com/Multi-pattern-Funny-Cat-Chaser/dp/B075S1PQWQ/&field-keywords=laser%20pointer&field-brandtextbin=onyle

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