MasterGo Chef Knife

MasterGo Chef Knife

Another knife review! Either I really like knives, companies love giving me them or in my case both!

This knife creates number 5 for me for chefs knives.

My initial thoughts. It’s a great knife. The blade is a standard 8 inches long, the height falls right in the middle. It comes pre-sharpened and actually is in a cutting condition out of the box. I’ll still sharpen it but I usually do with new knives.

The weight of it is good, not too heavy, not too light but a good heft to it. Has a nice handle with solid core steel handle. It has a wooden like grip on it that just fits the hand well. I can’t emphasize the look of the handle. It’s actually really cool and doesn’t look too fake.

One thing I like about this particular one is toward the handle, it blade makes a nice cut off into the handle. There’s no lip or deal with. The thickness of the blad falls right into place on where’s it should be.

I haven’t had the chance to use it but it will get the first test tomorrow with tacos. I’ll update this review with the results! I’m quite excited to give it, its first use.

*Please remember, knives are not toys and should be used properly*

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