Haidexi Candelabra LED Bulbs

Haidexi Candelabra LED Bulbs

Of all the lights in my house, only one takes less than the standard size bulb. It would be the one located in my bedroom.

I’m not sure if Candelabra bulbs are more sensitive or I just have horrible luck with them, but they seem to blow quite regularly.

I was given the chance to test these LED bulbs instead of the standard incandescent style. When prompted, I, of course, took the opportunity. I mean why not? The rest of my house is LED (some dimmable, some not), let’s make it more uniform. Can’t be any worse right?

These have been in about a week, and so far I’m enjoying them. My room went from a warm glow to a cool one, but that was an issue since the other rooms in my house have the cool look. Something I chalk up to the LED style of light.

The lights for well, they are a bit long compared to other ones in the same style. For some this could be an issue, for me, I kind of enjoy the look it gives. From what I’ve used of them they are recommended by me completely.

Onto the packaging, which I must say is surprisingly nice. I received an 8 pack to test and they were plastic wrapped together. Each box had a single Candelabra in it. Now the box looked like it was made to fit the bulb, but instead, each bulb was individually cased in hard plastic. Overall well protecting it.

If you need a LED bulb for a Candelabra style light, I wouldn’t look any further then these bulbs.

The bulbs can be found here:


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