Gimmicks and Gizmos Security Camera

Gimmicks and Gizmos Security Camera

What we have today is a PZT (Pan, Zoom, Tilt) Security Camera by Gimmicks and Gizmos.

I’m guessing they have several brands under their umbrella because the camera a got had the “babywombworld” title to it. It looks the same and works like my other, so I’m going to say its a subdivision.

The camera is a standard dome camera. It is Wi-Fi enabled so it doesn’t need an Ethernet cable with to it (either via regular means or POE (Power Over Ethernet)). It gets its power from a standard 100v wall outlet. When I first received it I was worried as my plan was to place it in my bedroom, where running an Ethernet cable is extremely hard to do. 

The instructions are the best in the world, as is the case with most products coming from overseas. Fortunately, I speak and read broken English quite well and was able to decipher. Once I downloaded the app “Yoosee”, I was able to create an account, log in and follow the directions to connect to my camera. 

Once connected it was relatively fun to play with. I set the defense alarm so when I’m out of the house and someone opens my bedroom door, not only does it give off this extremely obnoxious police siren, it sends a notification to my phone. It shuts off after either 30 seconds, or I click a button. 

The night vision works well and sees clearly in low light. The one feature I wish would work better is the zoom. pan and tilt. Don’t get me wrong, it works perfectly well, it’s just a little slow and up until today, it was reversed (I found the setting that allowed the controls to be switched).

The cool thing about this camera is with the Yoosee app, it allows different cameras to be connected to the system. So even though my cameras are different brands I can use one app. The Desktop version of the app (which was a bit hard to find, had to scour their website) allows different configurations to monitor.

If you need a security camera and you’re on a budget, You could do a lot worse than this camera.

8.5/10 Stars

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