FurBliss Silicone Dog Brush

FurBliss Silicone Dog Brush

If you know me you know, I love my dog. Love or hate the brat is mine and I wouldn’t trade him for anything. When I adopted Rex back in 2013 he was four but it was love at first sight.

When given the chance to test these brushes, I jumped at the chance. My current brush works but it always left much to be desired. Mainly I felt it was a little rough on my dog, I felt bad when I had to brush him.

The company was generous to give me two, a red and a green one to test and review. They also sent me a probiotic powder I will review in my next post.

The brush has two sides. One side is to brush and massage the fur and pet while the other has a de-shedding tool and fur removal. The reverse also holds shampoo when washing and helps with fur on furniture.

The brush works well, surprisingly well. Rex stands still and actually lets me brush him, something I chalk up to the silicone. I haven’t used it wet yet but the de-shedding end works well. While my dog doesn’t shed a lot, he still leaves some hairy presents around.

The brush is flexible and feels nice in the hand. It’s also dishwasher safe so it’s easy to wash it.

You’ll most likely see more reviews for pet products, let’s hope they all impress me like this brush has.

Fully recommended.

Buy it here: https://www.chewy.com/glandex-furbliss-long-hair-dog-brush/dp/164105


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