Feriwola Pocket Multi-Tool

Feriwola Pocket Multi-Tool

In this review, I will be looking at a Feriwola 11 in 1 pocket multi-tool.

The weight of the tool is actually relatively nice. It’s not too heavy but not a feather in your hand. It’s a bit bigger than my palm and with the rounded edges, it fits quite well.

The tools themselves were a bit tough to open at first, but it has also been in negative temperatures here. I will chalk it up to the cold and it not being used. After playing with it a bit, the problem essentially disappeared, without it becoming loose.

The tool itself has the following items built in:

A single-edged blade, a saw, a jigsaw, scissors, can opener, bottle opener, Phillips screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, file, threading stick, and a corkscrew.

The blade itself came pretty dull for my liking, but I feel like that is common with these tools. I’ll sharpen it and it’ll be ready to go. The scissors seem cheap and flimsy, but to be honest, I never see a real-world application for them.

My favorite feature of the whole thing is a small one but one I find useful. They have three grooves on either side of the tool. When using it your fingers rest here for a better grip.

Overall, the price it is (currently $9) it’s not a bad tool and one that can be useful in a pinch.

*This was purchased, with a reimbursement from the manufacturer*

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