Cuena Stainless Steel Watch

Cuena Stainless Steel Watch

So lately I’ve been getting more and more into watches. Call it my age, as I get older my taste in life changes. I’ve also seen myself gravitate more towards leather bands then stainless steel.

With that in mind, I still love a good stainless watch, it has a flashy look that sometimes I just want to show.

Let’s start with the faults. It’s light which is okay, I wish it had more heft, light watches with me doesn’t sit well. The 4 on the watch is written completely weird. A normal roman numeral watch writes a 4 like IV, not this watch, instead chooses IIII. Completely threw me off guard and can be confusing when looking quickly at the watch. The class is a three (?) Piece clasp, which again is weird and I feel like.more likely to break.

Now the good. It fit well, most watches I have to take a link from the band, this watch game pretty straightforward. At first, it seems the edges were a little sharp but after wearing it a few days they actually sit quite nice and glide on my wrist smoothly. The watch seems decent quality. I’ve broken watches in a few days, and so far this has held up well. It does look.nice, it’s a nice combination of the gold and silver without it being overbearing or gaudy. I have been complimented on the watch which is a plus.

Overall if you like watches and want a price affordable everyday watch, there are worse out there in my opinion. I would place this as a middle of the road watch that wouldn’t hurt nor help a collection.

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