BrickLoot April 2017

BrickLoot April 2017

I recently subscribed to the Brick Loot Subscription Box. Because I had to wait for the first box to come in, I decided to order an older box to test the waters. After browsing the selections I went with their first book the contains “Brick City”. I figured this was a great place to start and use it to build my own little LEGO town.


The box itself is a similar size as your average subscription box. The top of it is printed in a way that it looks like a 3x2 LEGO brick while also keeping their logo on one of the 'studs'.


The first thing you are greeted with when you open the box is the 'What's Inside?' Card. The front of it give you an overall look at the contents of the box. The box I ordered was from April 2017 entitled 'Welcome to Brick City!'


The back of the card lists the detailed contents of the box.
This box contains:
'Mini City: Brick Loot Store'
'Mini City: Neighborhood Soda Shop'
'Brix Cola Crate'
An Exclusive Art Print by Greg Hyland
A Street Sign Sticker Pack
'Soda Delivery Man' Minifigure


The art print is extremely fun. The 'Godzilla' feeling it gives off is further enhanced by the usage of LEGO Minifigures. I left it in the bag as I don't have a frame to fit it. I will end up framing it and giving it to my nephew to put on his wall.


A sticker set with standard street signs was included. This is my first box, and I haven;t really had my city completely planned out to use these. They are a great addition and will really help 'Brick City' to become a realistic LEGO town. It also came with a larger 'Welcome to Brick City' Sticker, I think I'll fabricate a billboard and use that on the outskirts.


The first set was the 'Brick Loot' Store. It's an 86 piece store front. It adds cool little features such as a street light, storm grate, bench and "glass" windows. The instructions were easy to follow and the pictures served well while assembling. Overall it was a fun little build and allows you to customize the building sign, I decided to make it an Ice Cream Store, as I was craving ice cream as I was putting it together.


It came with a six-pack of 'BrixCola' A small 13 piece set the creates a amazing crate of Soda. It came with 4 stickers which was unique to my experience as it was two extra. I have this setting on the sidewalk, as I'm not sure where it will be placed yet, but a fantastic addition to the box.


To go with the soda crate it comes with an exclusive 'Soda Delivery Man' minifigure. To make it fit perfectly, the outfit says "BrixCola' the brand of drink in 'Brick City'. Having him walk from place to place delivering drink to the thirsty residents when the city is completed will be pleasant.


The last piece in this box was the 'Neighborhood Soda Shop'. A 194 piece store front that resembles old malt shop. It has two different soda fountains inside with a center piece. The front has a realistic tree, grate and bench. It has a giant bottle on the roof, so no matter where in town you are, you always know where to get you carbonated drink. The directions were good, each step grayed out the previous, so you always knew what was a new piece.

*Edit* I found the clear 'BrixCola' stickers after, I will place them on the set and reupload pictures in the next day or so.

Overall, I am thrilled with my first Brick Loot box. I don't have a value, as everything in the box is exclusive, but for $33 (including shipping), it's a great deal. It was a few hours of enjoyment, and I'm looking forward to building and completing my very own town.

You can subscribe and get your own monthly box at

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