Big Ant PU Leather Console Cover

Big Ant PU Leather Console Cover

I usually don’t use interior accessories for my car that I see as unnecessary, I mean to me it doesn’t make sense.

Needless to say, I decided to test this out. Most would ask why I would cover a leather center console with a PU leather one. One word, protection. My center console doubles as an armrest so it gets used daily.


The texture adds a bit of flare

It protects my center console

It matches my interior

It doesn’t clash with anything else in the car.


It’s PU leather so durability might be an issue (only time will tell)

It fits over the console but doesn’t allow me to extend it forward (my console moves forward and backward)

Feels a bit on the lower quality side (the PU leather)

Final thoughts:

If you want to protect your console, add a low-cost piece, or just like decorating your car, there are worst pieces. My thoughts: Only buy if you really want one.

*updated after more use of the product*

It adds some comfort with the padding built in. I will end up removing, because of my sliding console, if that wasn’t an occurrence (I need to slide it up to use it as a viable armrest or slide it back to enter) I’d keep it on. I’m going to give it a little while longer before my final decision or try to find a way where it will slide as well.

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