Barmix Chefs Knife

Barmix Chefs Knife

Yet another knife review! Woot!

This one is for the Barmix 8-inch chefs knife. This one is very similar to the other ones.

The weight is extremely nice, it feels good in the hand with a nice distribution. The handle and blade aren’t as pretty as other knives but it’s functional and that’s all that matters.

The handle feels like it’s a solid core handle with a single piece. Out of the box, it did need a bit of sharpening to get it to my liking. But I’ve come across this with most knives, I always have a sharpening on hand. The blade has a nice taper to it with the perfect thickness down.

8″ is pretty standard as far as knives go, so the length is there, the width could have been a bit wider but it’s not horribly different and doesn’t affect the daily use.

I didn’t get any pictures or videos of me using it, but it is very smooth and glides through while slicing. I don’t see any durability issues in the long run, but I will post here and update if I come across any.

It’s a very highly recommended knife.

*please be aware that knives are not for children and caution should always be used*


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