Adam Elements Bluetooth Scale

Adam Elements Bluetooth Scale

Well here’s a fun post!

My weight has always fluctuated depending on my habits. I will be completely honest about that. When I was in the military I weighed about 195 but was more built muscle wise. At my heaviest, I weighed about 320 pounds.

With that said, I and scales have a love/hate relationship. I have never actually owned one as well I don’t weigh myself nor have any need to weigh myself on a daily basis. Weight loss to me isn’t day to day, but it comes over time and you can see and feel the difference.

Since owning the scale I’ve decided to weigh myself a few times a week, just so I can get an accurate measure of the usage.

My biggest issue, but it’s an issue whenever I hear the word…Bluetooth. On my device, it connects pretty easily. My secondary device, not so much. I don’t think this is an issue with the scale but the technology (as always).

Now onto the tracking system. It seems pretty accurate. I know how I feel and can tell you a rough estimate of my weight at any given time. It’s nice to be able to see body mass, water mass, and muscle mass though, as these are important to keep track of.

I’ve seen much more expensive scales that do the same thing as this, and honestly, I love the look of it.

A great scale under $40 that stay healthy by measuring stats you can actually use to your advantage.

Highly recommended.

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