Achoro USB 3.0 Hub

Achoro USB 3.0 Hub

I don’t use a lot of hubs realistically. Between the 4 USB ports on my laptop, there’s usually plenty of space for any peripherals. There are a few reasons why this particular one interested me.

The main reason is simple, it’s compact and durable. This allows me to throw it into my backpack and go. I needed something to take with me when travelling in case something came up. The aluminum body holds up and I don’t have to worry about cracking and breaking it.

While not completely evident at first, having 4 USB 3.0 ports instead of the single on my laptop is nice. This allows me to transfer files at a faster rate (up to 5Gbps) if needed. This comes in handy if I plug in a flash drive for some reason.

Another feature, unique to this piece (at least I’ve never seen it) is the option to charge devices with the hub. It contains a micro-USB, while it’s a bit out of date for my USB-C, it works for a variety of products. It has as a single pin DC the is able to handle up to 5V.

Overall, it went in my bag, and it’s there if I need to rely on it.
4/5 Stars.
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