Achoro Dual USB Port Wall Charger

Achoro Dual USB Port Wall Charger

With the world of smart products becoming more and more prominent. It’s important to do two things. First, make sure you have enough power outlets and second, make sure you have enough USB outlets.

It seems, I never have enough of either. I’m always switching power via either port. I have USB towers, power towers, surge protectors, etc. I am always coming up with new, easier and safer ways to make sure everything is plugged in and charged.

When given the chance to test this wall charger I accepted, after all, I knew a perfect spot for it: my computer desk.

My computer desk has a surge protector in the back basket underneath, but its full. I remembered that two of the spots had power bricks with USBs in them. One for my phone and one for a security camera hooked up. I was able to free up an outlet, while still having those objects plugged in.

The Charger is well built, it’s sturdy with nice rounded edges. It has a standard 1.2A port and a Quick Charge 2.4A port. So I plugged the camera into the 1.2 and my phone charger into the 2.4 port. Perfect, set up.

I’ve been using it plugged in for a few days and haven’t come across any issues with it, in fact, it works surprisingly well. This will most likely be a mainstay in my system for a while. I am adding an amp to that now free power outlet, so until I add more “things” to my system, this is a perfect alternative.

I give it a 9/10 total.

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